Knowledge is Learned 

About K.I.L.-
A caterpillar moves slowly yet it still accomplishes its goal to meta-morph into a beautiful butterfly.  So no matter where you may be at this point in your life, you are not perfect! and you can turn it around, and emerge from your circumstance.  A bad decision, a wrong choice in a relationship, or you may not want to settle for the job/career you may have chosen.  It's never too late to change direction, and become a better you!

Spread your wings and take flight 
We learn and grow from our experiences 
Join me on my journey's 

* Books/Author (Angela M. Smith)
* EMT Radio/The Topic House (Ang Wrytes)
* Coach & Motivational Speaker
* Etiquette Workshops
* Empowered Together Non-Profit 
* Community Network Liaison (Quality of Life)
* T-shirts/Apparel 

K.I.L. Knowledge is Learned